Licenses Managed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture

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ProgramLicense DescriptionLicense
Search Animal Health & IdentificationAssembly PlantAP1
 Animal Rescue EntityARE170
 Conveyance For TransportCFT17
 Livestock Auction MarketLAM7
 Livestock FeedlotLF1
 Rendering PlantRP7
Search Commercial Feed RegistrationsCommercial Feed RegistrationFEED417
Search Veterinary Product RegistrationsVeterinary Product RegistrationVET254
Search Food SafetyAnimal Food ProcessorAFP32
 Bakery DistributorBD4
 Classified BakeryCBK5
 Classified Dairy Products PlantCDPP0
 Classified Food Processing EstablishmentCFP80
 Classified Food Storage WarehouseCFW19
 Custom Meat ProcessorCMP83
 Custom Mobile SlaughterCMS52
 Classified Non-Alcoholic Beverage PlantCNAB2
 Classified Non-Slaughtering ProcessorCNSP0
 Classified Retail Food EstablishmentCRFE501
 Custom Stationary SlaughterCSS18
 Classified Wholesale Frozen Dessert MfrCWFD0
 Domestic Kitchen BakeryDKB166
 Domestic Kitchen Food ProcessorDKFP226
 Dairy Operator LifetimeDOL0
 Dairy Products PlantDPP44
 Egg Breaker PermitEBP1
 Egg Handler PermitEHP235
 Fluid Milk DistributorFMD16
 Fluid Milk ProducerFMP148
 Farm Mixed Type FacilityFMTF0
 Food Processing EstablishmentFP1,759
 Food Storage WarehouseFW507
 HTST Pasteurizer OperatorHPO168
 Mobile Milk TankerMMT82
 Meat SellersMS570
 Milk Sampler-GraderMSG285
 Non-Alchoholic Beverage PlantNAB17
 Non-Processing Distributor Grade ANPDA8
 Non-Slaughtering ProcessorNSP144
 Producer-Distributor Grade APDA6
 Prepackaged Meat SellersPPM1,069
 Poultry and Rabbit SlaughterPRS16
 Retail Food EstablishmentRFE4,419
 Refrigerated Locker PlantRLP5
 Shellfish Commercial HarvesterSCH32
 Shellfish Dist., Shipper, WholesalerSDSW40
 Shellfish GrowerSG18
 Shellfish Shucker-PackerSSP8
 Unique Identification NumberUIN27
 Unlicensed Food SafetyUNL0
 Vat Pasteurizer OperatorVPO82
 Wholesale Manufacturer Frozen DessertWMFD23
Search Market Access & CertificationGrain WarehouseGW1
 Retail Seed DealerRSD882
 Wholesale Seed DealerWSD232
Search Natural ResourcesCAFO General PermitCAFG482
 CAFO Individual PermitCAFI6
Search PlantAgricultural Hemp Seed LicenseAHS10
 Apiary RegistrationAR219
 Christmas Tree GrowerCTG337
 Ginseng DealerGD0
 Ginseng GrowerGG0
 Hemp Grow SiteHGS116
 Hemp Handler License by ReciprocityHHR10
 Hemp Research Grower LicenseHRG5
 Hemp Grower LicenseIHG127
 Hemp Handler LicenseIHH177
 Nursery Dealer: Retail-Florist-LandscapeND1,702
 Nsy Stk Growers Collectors of Native PlaNG884
 Greenhouse Grower of Herbaceous PlantsNGH327
Search PesticidesAerial Pesticide ApplicatorAPA120
 Pesticide Apprentice LicenseAPL680
 Commercial Pesticide ApplicatorCPA3,377
 Commercial Pesticide OperatorCPO907
 Immediately Supervised TraineeIST1,495
 Noncommercial Pesticide ApplicatorNPA27
 Private Pesticide ApplicatorPAL3,485
 Pesticide ConsultantPC600
 Pesticide DealerPD231
 Public Pesticide ApplicatorPPA1,881
Search Pesticide Product RegistrationsPesticide Product RegistrationPPR1,448
Search FertilizerAmendment Product RegistrationAPR378
 Manufacturer/Bulk DistributorFMBD285
 Fertilizer Product RegistrationFPR554
 Lime Product RegistrationLPR63
 Mineral Product RegistrationMPR495
Search Weights & MeasuresA-Scales 0-400 lbs capacityA5,876
 B-Scales 401-1,160 lbs capacityB337
 C-Scales 1,161-7,500 lbs capacityC796
 D-Scales 7,501-60,000 lbs capacityD966
 E-Scales over 60,000 lbs capacityE967
 F-Meter under 20 gpmF1,531
 G-Meter 20-150 gpmG406
 H-Meter over 150 gpmH76
 M-Meter LPG 1" Diameter or underM954
 N-Meter LPG over 1" DiameterN86
 O-Meter Vapor 1" Dia or underO8
 P-Meter Vapor over 1" DiameterP1
 Q-Railroad Track Weigh-in-motionQ1
 R-Railroad Track Static WeighingR25
 W-Continuous Weighing under 10 t/hrW31
 X-Continuous Weighing 10-150 t/hrX15
 Y-Continuous Weighing 151-1000 t/hrY11
 Z-Continuous Weighing over 1000 t/hrZ2